"The best technologies are the ones you stop noticing"

- Chris Thorn, Head of Digital, British Heart Foundation

We are a charity dedicated to making technology work for the third sector. From migrating charities to cloud platforms such as Google Apps and Office 365, to convening digital labs for group innovation.
We are on your side.


What we do

  • Migrations

    Whether we move you to the cloud, or you move yourself, we are here to help you out!
    The primary focus of UP's 18-month plan is to help the third sector move to the cloud, because in our experience this single action has disproportionately high impact on morale and productivity.
    As a charity ourselves, we want what's right for you. That's why we're completely independent and will only recommend a system that suits your needs.

  • Impact Sessions

    Impact Sessions
    There's no point in moving to the cloud unless you can realise the benefits of doing so. Following a migration, we will arrange a series of follow-up visits to help you make the most of your cloud platform, and to keep you up-to-date on the latest productivity features.

  • Workshops

    Our workshops are there to demystify technology, not to sell it. We take on subjects from Google vs Microsoft to Digital Showcases, and they're all free to attend (thanks to a subsidy from ZING!). To stay informed, please subscribe to our newsletter!
    Come along, have fun and get your questions answered by people who are genuinely impartial and who understand the sector.

  • Digital Labs

    In each Digital Lab we bring together 6-8 senior executives from charities facing a similar set of challenges or opportunities. Along with guest experts, we take an afternoon to explore how technology might transform their ability to deliver services. Our agenda is complete up to March 2016, but if you have a theme you would like us to explore in future labs please get in touch at whatsup@unleashingpotential.org.uk
    Places for these are strictly limited but let us know if you would like to be involved and we’ll do our best to help!


Recent articles

  • Header_why-you-should-move-to-the-cloud

    8 Good Reasons to move to Google Apps or Office 365

    We’ll keep this one to the point. If you’re considering a move to cloud services, the following benefits are worth bearing in mind:   1. Free! Free! Free! Google Apps and Office 365 offer their services free of charge to NFPs (woo!).   2. Anytime Anywhere Both Google Apps and Office 365 are accessible on a wide range of Keep Reading ..

  • Mathieu's Blog_2

    From passion to profession – my journey as an apprentice

    How have I been Unleashing my Potential?   Well, apart from making company puns, I have been developing my interpersonal skills through troubleshooting and customer service with charities. We used to provide IT support (until we realised supporting old systems helped put off moving to the cloud, despite the benefits!), and that gave me opportunities Keep Reading ..

  • Apple-Google-Microsoft-and-World-Peace_header

    Apple, Google, Microsoft and World Peace

    We’ve been talking this week about Google Apps vs Office 365. We have a workshop coming up on the subject, and – quite understandably – it’s one of the most common questions we get asked by clients: “which should I choose, and why?”   But office technology isn’t the warzone it once was. In fact Keep Reading ..

  • A-tale-of-two-consultants_header

    A Tale of Two Consultants

    A few weeks ago I received a familiar email. That is to say, it came from a charity explaining that:   they wanted to revisit their technology, they knew things had to change, they had no budget whatsoever and would we mind helping them out for free (or pro bono, as “free” sounds cheap and Keep Reading ..

  • SecurityP1_630x170

    How not to leak your charity’s private data (Part 1)

    Having your own data stolen is awful. Losing other people’s data is unthinkable.   So when we look at where we store our charity’s data, and perhaps more importantly, the information on our supporters, funders, and the people we help, naturally we fixate on what the service we’re thinking of using is going to do Keep Reading ..

  • Bloatgate_630x170

    BloatGate (Part 1)

    I recently attended a thought-provoking panel discussion on “The next 5 years in London: What’s got to change?” convened by London Funders. The crux of the debate was how local government and third sector services could be transformed when faced with the brutal reality of major funding cuts in the next 5 years.   When Keep Reading ..

  • Expectations-journey-future

    UP – My expectations, my journey and my future

    Well, where do I start?   The beginning? I hear that’s always a solid place to start, so I’ll go with that.   The team I work with are bananas. We’re all very different but somehow, together, we just work (it’s a strange thing, believe me!).   We have the nerdy, fix anything and turn Keep Reading ..

  • Whyweareblindtoeverydayrisk

    Why we are blind to everyday risk

    You know the answer to this question, but I’m going to ask it anyway (and you can adjust the figures for time or distance travelled, the answer is the same):   Is the average citizen of the UK more likely to die in a plane crash, or in a car crash?   OK. You’ll know the Keep Reading ..

  • Cloudphobiaorhowtokeepasenseofproportion

    How to keep a sense of proportion

    So this is what you should do if you want to move to the cloud.   Apparently.   According to Fishnet Security.   Who are a private security consultancy with, I’m sure, no vested interest in you following this model.   When we talk with clients about there being too much information on the cloud, Keep Reading ..

  • Procrastina

    How to conquer organisational procrastination

    “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb During the closing plenary (I still don’t know what that word means, but it sounds clever) of a recent conference, attendees were asked what changes, based on the talks and workshops they had attended, they would make when they got back to Keep Reading ..

  • Blog-post-picture

    Cloud myths – Google Apps and Office 365 (Part 1)

    The Cloud is such a broad, catch-all term that almost any statement about it is simultaneously true and untrue. This does a disservice to public platforms such as Google Apps and Office 365, which operate on a different scale of investment, security and user experience to the vast majority of cloud services.    Below are some Keep Reading ..

  • Howfreeisfree

    How free, is free?

    Charities deserve to be pretty cynical about anything that’s described as ‘free’. From well-intentioned pro bono work that never quite gets finished (despite all that time you put in up front) to discounted web hosting that you can never escape from (even when the price goes up), cost-cutting horror stories are commonplace.   So when Keep Reading ..

  • Whatisthecloud

    What is the cloud?

    The Cloud. You’ve heard about it, no doubt. It’s a technology thing… something something servers, something something data… change everything, blah blah. Much has been said on the subject, little of which has been clear.   We will try to keep things simple, and not because we’re patronising technologists (we might be, but that’s not Keep Reading ..

  • OfficialKeys

    Handing back the keys (Part 1)

    In this post, I wanted to share the inspiration behind some fundamental changes we’ve made at Unleashing Potential. I’ll share the nature of those changes and why we feel they’re important in ‘Part 2’! Its rare that a single line changes the way you think, but it does happen – and it happened to us Keep Reading ..

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  • circle

    Joe Hayman - CEO

    PSHE Association

    "We found the support we got from Unleashing Potential invaluable. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."


    Simon Fulford - Chief Executive


    "Their advice was impartial, well balanced and clearly independent. On top of all that, they are a great bunch and fun to work with. You can't beat that!"


    James Gerry - Chairman of Trustees

    Stewards Trust

    "Enter Unleashing Potential. They are the complete package. As a charity themselves, they were able to 'get' us immediately."


    Adrian Sell - Executive Director


    "We got impartial, expert input into an area where you can often feel like you are trying to dig through competing sales pitches to get to the truth."

  • circle

    Olivia Leydenfrost - Head of Communications


    "Unleashing Potential's support has been instrumental in enabling us to realise our digital ambitions which are key to our growth and development."


    Perry Maddox - Chief Operating Officer

    Restless Development

    "UP have helped us to break down many of the fears and assumptions around how IT can and should be used. The result of this work has been to transform the way we understand IT."

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